Extinction Rebellion Warriors

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We live in strange times and in a world where those who put themselves on the line to expose crime, corruption and ecocide are being put in jail, and the actual perpetrators remain free.

This film tells the story of four ordinary women doing extraordinary acts of courage to raise public awareness of the climate and ecological emergency. They are all mothers terrified for their children’s future and they are all Extinction Rebellion activists.

Extinction Rebellions was only set up three years ago but has achieved phenomenal global success. XR is now internationally recognised as the most high profile organisation that uses non-violent direct action to raise public awareness and to persuade governments to act justly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

2021 is the year of truth and many see as our last chance to make any significant change to the apocalypse coming our way. The United Kingdom is hosting COP26, the global climate talks in Glasgow. The figure 26 is the clue as to how this emergency has been ignored (despite signatories to the Paris Climate agreement in 2015.)

For three years I have been filming these four women who have been imprisoned, beaten and ridiculed yet continue to put themselves out there. Are they succeeding and are their sacrifices on our behalf worth it?