'It's a groundswell': the farmers fighting to save the Earth's soilFarmers across the world are ditching their ploughs to protect ecosystems – and it’s working John Cherry bends down and takes a handful of soil in his hands, brings it up to his face and … Continue readingGroundswell

Croc-a-Dyke Dundee

Croc-a-Dyke Dundee by Jennie Kermode Once upon a time Sydney was a quiet, respectable Australian city where, if wild things happened at all, they did so strictly behind closed doors. Sure, it had gangsters, but they were respectable gangsters, straight white men who wore nice … Continue readingCroc-a-Dyke Dundee

Wine, Women & Friends

Last week I was invited to a screening of a film about two women, Carole Leblanc, a nurse from Québec, and her partner Jo Befort, a vet from Alsace, who have fallen in love with wine and have been making their own in southern France … Continue readingWine, Women & Friends

Wine, Women & Friends

Wine Women and Friends by Jennie Kermode In a quiet corner of Collias, Carole Leblanc and Jo Béfort run a vineyard together. Like many such couples, they began with a dream, with no experience whatsoever. Unlike most, they stuck it out, despite the huge amount … Continue readingWine, Women & Friends